Commercial Applications

Thermal CorkShield™ offers superior properties to stucco and paint.

The heat as well as the cold, enter your business from the outside.
Thermal CorkShield™ helps prevent heat or cold from entering, helping you save energy. The cork is a natural resource that increases your savings, while creating a thermal barrier to keep your business warm during the winter, and cool during the summer.
Our commercial applications are perfect for any type of structure looking to save money on an electric bill, or in the case of this astonishing Roman Catholic Church, in Holdfast Saskatchewan built in 1921, have it withstand another century!

Thermal CorkShield™

Thermal CorkShield offers superior properties to stucco and paint.
Our product will not only save you on utilities but also has other amazing properties like:

Fire Retardant

Non combustible does not propagate flames nor does it release incandescent particles.

Thermal Insulation

Its natural function is to protect the tree that it comes from. Its temperature range of 32° to 85 ° F. provides a resistance to heat 30 times higher than concrete thanks to its alveolar structure, low water content and lack of conductivity of its compounds

Light Weight

Since 88% of its volume is air, this translates to a low density, between 0.12 and 0.24 Quarts/Lb

Test Results

Our product has been tested by labs to ensure its properties.

Acoustic Insulation

Depending on your installation and combination with other materials it reduces noise up to 18 decibels. If applied on both sides of a wall it duplicates its acoustic action.

Durability Test

Energy Saving

Thermal CorkShield™ improved the overall aesthetic of this building, while also cutting down on energy bills. With our insulated product added to the interior and exterior of this building, the A/C didn't have to cut in as frequently, drastically reducing the overall cost of energy.
Looking to save on your energy bills?

Case Study & Journey

The Hispanic chamber is a brick structure with a traditional flat roof leaving them with high energy and maintenance costs throughout the year. This led them to look for a product that could not only help with energy and maintenance costs but also beautify the building at the same time.


Cleaning and prepping of exterior

We take time to thoroughly clean all the surfaces before applying the product. This guarantees a strong bond between the cork and the surface of your building.


Careful masking

Our goal is to leave your property looking beautiful. We take pride in every project to precisely mask every window and cover every square inch to prevent overspray landing onto an unintended location.


First layer of cork

We apply the first layer of cork insuring the whole surface is equally covered and follow up with a second coat for a solid and consistent look.


Masking of first coat

When the application calls for multiple colors, we allow time for the first color to cure before precisely masking it and applying the second color.


Coating of the roof

Majority of the sunlight that hits your building falls on the roof. We eliminate the thermal bridge creating a thermal barrier, greatly reducing heat and cold penetration, all while eliminating condensation.


Insulating the HVAC ducting

Exposed ductwork can reach over 185 degrees in summer time. These extreme temperatures cause your A/C unit to operate for longer periods of time utilizing more energy. Once covered in cork, we eliminate the thermal bridge, protecting your duct work from the elements and reduce your A/C energy consumption and prolong the life of your A/C unit.


Covering all surfaces including brick

No matter if your building is brick, wood, metal, steel, or stucco, our material can adhere to virtually any surface, leaving a beautiful, seamless texture.

A Beautiful Finish | Many Colour Options


(Photo taken 2 years after application)