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What is it?

Vipeq Thermal Corkshield.

Vipeq Thermal Corkshield brings the amazing natural characteristics of cork and applies them to your home.  Upgrade your building’s exterior and save on utilities today!

Find out why thermal cork spray is the best energy efficient product for your building!


Cork is a natural product from the cork bark tree. Every 8 – 10 years, the bark of the tree is trimmed to extract the cork, and does not cause damage to the tree. During the trimming of the bark, the cork tree releases large amounts of oxygen, helping to replenish the air we breathe.

Cork has natural properties that make it an amazing coating product. Cork is naturally breathable and resists mold and mildew growth. It naturally has elastic and fire-retardant properties as well. These are some of the key properties that make cork the vital ingredient in our industry leading Thermal Corkshield.


Thermal CorkShield™ is derived straight from cork, meaning it possesses many impressive properties that benefit both your home and your wallet.

What our clients are saying:

I have been dealing with Adam from Apeq. An amazing person to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. Vipeq provides a truly innovative product that has a multitude of different uses (fire protection, mold, insulation and long lasting). Looking forward to working with Adam again in the future.”

Adam with APEQ was a great guy to deal with and we will deffenetly continue to work together in the furure.
Always friendly, cooperative and in general great service!
Thank you guys!.”

We have a home with wooden siding, and the Vipeq Spray Cork Product was installed over top and we will never have to paint again! The house looks great, we love the texture and the colour! Also, the install team was amazing, they covered the sidewalks with dropsheets, masked the windows and left no mess behind. Thank-you for an amazing exterior renovation!

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